Conroy Cup vs Enfield

The boys showed up on a fresh Saturday morning to welcome visitors Enfield to the Walker. As Edrich stepped onto the field, he knew that the toss would dictate the morale of the side for the entire day, regardless of the result. Fortunately, fate looked kindly upon SCC and the boys would bat first in arctic conditions.

Edrich opened up with Miscampbell, the latter promptly wandering back to the pavilion to continue his consistent form over the past season. Dangerfield junior came in at first drop and looked solid as Edrich continued to accumulate before both fell to the bloke that <redacted>. The middle order then saw a succession of batsmen get in, look decent, then get out with Shiv, Ally and Jez amongst those who looked in fine fettle. However, a short collapse and a comical runout later (sorry DPK), SCC had set a mediocre 130 to win on what was a tricky wicket.

After a strong traditional tea (classic sarnies and sausage rolls - 7/10) the boys rolled out onto the Walker, moods considerably brightened by the improvement in the weather.

Liam and Abs opened up and, despite Enfield initially getting off to a bit of a flier - one opener in particular looking semi-handy, the other got cleaned up by a pearler from Liam. Enfield then set about building a partnership which was looking steady until Nick came into the attack for his first trundle in England. The scene was set, Nick charging in from the top end of the Walker, Bob Cole keen for a narrative, gun batsman on strike - a generous LBW decision sent their remaining opener on his way for Nick's first pole for SCC.

Suddenly at 60-2 or so we were in danger of making a game of it. However, a few slices of bad luck and a handful of missed chances off James and Lewis (who bowled exceptionally well) saw Enfield scrape to 130-2 before an inspired double bowling change by Edrich gave the crowd a first glimpse of the Lynch/Miscampbell bowling partnership - one of which they will hope to see plenty of during this coming season. Bowling in tandem the pressure grew, culminating in Miscampbell snaring the danger man before Enfield stumbled over the line, reaching the target for the loss of just 3 wickets.

Good effort by the boys, good turnout for post-match pints, unfortunate 7 wicket loss.

Rory Miscampbell