A day to forget

Osterley 116 all out (30 overs)

Pranay Rathod 4-61, Darragh Edwards 3-29

Southgate 56 all out (26 overs)


A thoroughly depressing day in every respect with both sides struggling to bat on an increasingly sub standard pitch.

The lack of the Osterley CC address in the SCC fixture card, coupled with a major hold up on the M25, and a slightly mal-functioning Satnav meant that I arrived at the game about 40 minutes after the start.

Looking for the scoreboard when I arrived proved difficult but as I approached the pavilion and the neon-lit Osterley Cricket Club Bar and Restaurant adjoining, I could just about pick out a 3 foot x 1 foot piece of tin with the score clearly marked.

The home side were batting and the score was 29,410!

On closer inspection it turned out that the score was actually 29-4 after 10 overs as Southgate’s opening quick bowlers, Darragh Edwards and debutant Pranay Rathod, had made early inroads into the home team’s batting.

Batsman number 6, Ahmedzai batted well and number 8,Ali slogged successfully for a while. Mike Stephens took over from Pranay and in his role of stand-breaker, createda stumping chance for Phil Dunnett which he accepted brilliantly. Ravi Desai also entered the fray and took a wicket in his first over in true Graham Swann tradition ,followed by another soon after.

Pranay returned in an attempt to finish the innings off but unfortunately he was unable to do so and Ahmedzai and the Osterley tail were able to extend their innings. This couple of overs somewhat spoiled Pranay’s statistics but a return of 4–61 was an impressive first outing for the Club. Darragh,‘the finisher’, replaced him and took the final two wickets with some very straight bowling, finishing with 3-29.

It looked good for Southgate. Ten points in the bag, surely.

However, it was not to be, against two excellent bowlers, one a very accurate faster bowler and one a left arm flat spinner on a pitch which bounced less and less predictably, if at all.

Alvin was out early, the first of four lbw decisions on the (mainly) low bouncing pitch and Jamie Jouning, facing his first ball, pulled away as he suddenly had no sight in his right eye. He repeated this once before going off for some‘treatment’. When he was fit to return, after a spot of Optrex and what appeared to be a type of hay fever, the score was 25-5!

In the meantime, Mike Stephens had been bowled, Phil Dunnett played on when a ball lifted unexpectedly, Luke Hutton was lbw to a shooter and Sean Dass was bowled in similar fashion. All had been out to defensive shots on a very difficult wicket. Jamie returned, using a more aggressive approach but he was quickly out caught at extra cover (Clearly, didn’t have his eye in!).

Mark Hughes batted well for a while, confirming that he has good batting skills, Darragh again defended well and Ravi had a successful slog or two before the tenth wicket fell at 56.

Only Tom Edrich (19) reached double figures.

A day to forget for many reasons.

Big rivals Enfield at The Walker Ground next week.

Good to catch up with some old friends !

Peter Jouning

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