Lynch on the posh side

Southgate 160 for 9 (45 overs)

 Alvin Durgacharan 41

Ealing 161 for 2 (31.2 overs) 


Ealing away is historically a mixed bag.

Probably one of the best venues in the Middlesex County League, but usually one of the best opponents too. Over the years we’ve had some bright moments and we’ve had our pants pulled down too.

Saturday was the latter, but we didn’t lose without a fight.

We batted first in muggy conditions on a green surface.

Alvin Durgacharan partnered with Alistair Lynch opened the batting for Southgate and entertained us royally with a rollicking start inside the first ten.

Two shots stick in the memory:

1 – A glorious Lynch off-drive for four – To which Max Joseph was heard to exclaim, “Wow, on the posh side Lynchy!”

2- A magnificent leg side pick-up for six from Alvin that sailed for six.

It is worth noting that Alvin had spent the Thursday evening in the company of a certain IVA Richards, the original Master Blaster. It was a shot the big man would certainly have approved of.

The seamers went at fives, the spinners came on and did the business.

Lynch was bowled by one that kept very low to the experienced off-spinner, Durgacharan LBW to one that slid on with the arm from an impressive slow left arm spinner.

Rob and Waqas tried to rebuild only for Waqas to fall LBW on the sweep to the first ball after drinks.

Jeremy at five batted with excellent intent and good footwork, Rob batted with less intent and got bogged down.

Ealing’s experiences all-rounder Derek Lane as third change bowled in a style something in between a Sage and Woffers. He kept things very tight and removed Jeremy bowled dabbing having looked in excellent form.

Ealing hustled through their overs very quickly and Rob and Kunal departed, both bowled trying to accelerate as time ticked on.

Max Joseph played with aggressive intent and looked in fine fettle too, striking the ball cleanly and running well, or so we all thought. Unfortunately, the combined view of the SCC balcony didn’t tally with the standing ump and he was adjudged run-out.

A total of 160 was something to bowl at on a wicket that we thought might be tricky.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, and credit to Ealing.   Their opening partnership batted positively and well, both notching fifties.

Jeremy rotated the bowlers and we had moments where scoring was restricted, and pressure applied. Alvin picked up two wickets in two balls and Waqas, Marchy and Coxy had their moments. Ollie Bellwood kept wicket tidily and continued to encourage and cajole from behind the stumps.

No shame in losing to a side who batted and bowled very well and performed in an organised and disciplined fashion.

The 2nd XI can and will win matches at this level and should not be disheartened by this difficult start to the season. We have players who can mix it with anyone in the league and one win will make things look so much better.

Rob Johnson

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